My Adventure in Digital Communication

We live in a digital world, a world where digital literacy is becoming more and more important  in all aspects of our lives: school, work, entertainment. This semester, in my  digital communication class I have learned an array of things that will help me succeed in this digital world. The most important digital literacies required in this new digital age are personal branding, the understanding of one’s medium and audience, storytelling, and  the importance of search engine optimization.

Personal Branding

One of the most important digital literacies is Personal Branding. It allows one to market and mold their online personas. This semester, I created a personal website, which contributed to my own personal brand. I aimed to make my website both professional and fun with color schemes and images that reflect my personality. My hope for this website is that potential employers will be able to view the site in order to get a better sense of me through my portfolio and digital resume.

Screenshot (36)

Know your Audience and Medium

Each medium should be approached in a different way.

Writing a research paper is completely different than writing for digital media. Similarly, you would not want to write the script for a video or podcast in the same way you would write a blog post. It is important to keep your medium in mind, besides no one is going to watch the rest of your video if your introduction sounds like a thesis for a research paper. It is also important to know who your audience is. Write what your audience will appreciate and write or film in terms that your audience can relate to.

This semester I kept this blog for my digital communications class. It was through this blog that I learned the importance of knowing one’s medium and audience. I kept my posts short and to the point, as well as added images and links to keep my audience interested. My audience for this blog was teens and twenty-somethings who were interested in or had experienced fad diets, and I kept this audience in mind through every post I made.


Storytelling takes the digital literacy of knowing your medium and audience one step further by hooking the audience into wanting more. There is no point of making a video, podcast, or blog if you have no story to tell. My group video and podcast were edited to tell a story, and it is this story that kept people listening and watching until the end.

What’s next

Through my digital communication course I have become literate in the digital world. It also sharpened my ability to use digital editing software including Premiere Elements, Photoshop, and Audacity.  What I have learned in this class will contribute to my success in any future career, whether I become a digital media executive or not. Any career can grow from knowledge in the digital world.

I look forward to learning more about our digital age through my future endeavors at Furman University. My adventure in digital communication is far from over, in fact it is just beginning.






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