College Students and Healthy Eating


Eating healthy in college is challenging due to social pressures and an array of unhealthy temptations.


Making a healthy lifestyle change can be difficult, but making this change during college can be even harder. With academic, social, and financial stress, college is one of the most stressful times throughout one’s life. This stress, along with students being on their own for the first time, is what leads to the infamous weight gain that many coin the “freshman fifteen.”

The Dining Hall Can Lead to Fad Diets

College students consume almost all of their meals in a dining hall or similar on campus food service. Their parents are no longer cooking healthy meals for them, and dining halls are filled with the temptation of unhealthy foods: ice cream, cookies, french fries, and more. Most college dining halls are set up buffet style which means students tend to overeat many of these unhealthy foods.

Many college students turn to fad diets in order to loose the extra pounds gained from their uncontrolled eating within the dining halls. According to a survey by the National Association of Eating Disorders 91% of college females attempted a diet to help loose or maintain their weight. However, it is these fad diets that lead to even more weight gain in a cycle called yo-yo dieting.

The Dorm Room Diet


The Dorm Room Diet helps teach college students how to take control of their eating habits.


To help better understand the link between college students and their struggle to control their eating Daphne Oz wrote The Dorm Room Diet. Daphne Oz is daughter of famous TV host and doctor, Dr. OZ.  Through her book, she shares her own struggles with weight as well as tips to help students avoid college weight gain. The Dorm Room Diet is not a fad diet plan; it focuses on healthy lifestyle changes. Daphne Oz gives healthy alternatives for eating in a dining hall as well as set exercises that all can be done within the confines of a dorm room.


Stress and temptation can lead to weight gain in college. Watch the following video which discusses these issues by looking at the opinions of students and professors at Furman University. 





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