Making the Change to a Healthier Lifestyle

Healthy eating 2 small

Find a healthy balance between healthy eating and exercise by pledging to live a healthier  lifestyle.



Throughout this blog I have stressed the negative effects of Fad diets, reiterating that they do not lead to long term weight loss. The only way for success in terms of long term weight loss is through an overall lifestyle change. This post will offer helpful tips to make the change to a healthier lifestyle.

“Abs are Made in the Kitchen”

This saying has been passed around for decades. What it means is that one cannot continue normal eating habits and think that an hour in the gym will lead to weight loss. In order to achieve weight loss one has to change the way they eat, but they do not have to give up their favorite foods. To start eating healthier, one has to become aware of they are eating. Try writing down everything you eat for a day, then look at the list and find places where healthy substitutes could have been made.

download (6)
Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Instead of transforming your entire diet, try adding more fruits and vegetables into your snacks and meals.


Here are a few substitutes to try:

Whole Wheat for White Carbohydrates

Yogurt for Ice Cream

Air popped popcorn for potato chips

Water for Soft Drinks


Get up and Get Active

Exercise does not have to been running 2 miles everyday. Not everyone is a runner, and running is not the only way to become healthy. Exercising can be something as simple as walking around a neighborhood or biking with a group of friends. Exercise should be something you look forward to, not  a chore. Go to a gym and try all the machines. Find a group of friends and go hiking. Try  anything and everything until you find a form of exercise that you love.

Check out the following slide show to find ideas of how to stay active!





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